What My Daughter and Her Friends Teach Me

Last week it was my daugher’s last soccer game of the season. She is incredibly passionate, fun to be around and is committed to the game.  She is 7 years old.

The “Cheetahs”  did not win a single game.  The first game ended 25-3 or something like that… we stopped counting.  Even worse, my husband was their coach.  Ugh.

Half-way througn the season, the people in charge of the league decided perhaps the way they had assigned players to teams was unfair and suggested to mix-up teams.

My husband swallowed his pride and asked the girls what they wanted to do.  The answer was very simple:  “NO. We are team and we want to play together”.

And that is exactly what they did.  They played together and improved tremendously.  At the end of the season, the games ended 3-1 or so.

All the girls yearned to win and they dedicated their weekends to it.  They practiced, they encouraged each other, they supported each other.

They had fun and while they realized that they were not the best, they could improve their game.  And so they did.

The “Cheetahs” did not win a single game, but they won something more imporant:  The understanding and the knowledge that the most importang game was against themselves.

The fight was not agains the other team, it was to be be better as a team, to be stronger, together.

They are all 7-8 years old girls and I am proud of all of them.  Yes, the coaches also did their best.



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