Fundraising Season is HERE!

Spring is here and so is “Fundraising Season”. From outdoor events to luncheons and evening affairs, non-profits start raising big bucks in single events NOW.

What I love about events is they provide a platform that if used well, can integrate high-impact public relations/communications campaign, increase brand awareness and boost fundraising with a single activity.

Of course executing a successful event (in terms of fundraising and stakeholder satisfaction) is no small feat and is relatively expensive. While many organizations understand that you DO need to spend money to raise money, I still get tons of requests from organizations expecting that I would work for free.

A happy compromise is to establish a committee for all fundraising events. Ideally, a committee should include staff & volunteers that are enthusiastic about the goal and have time to work on the event.

Having said that, I have had the wonderful experience of working with AMAZING teams that have put together events with 100% volunteer manpower, like Shanghai Sunrise, a non-profit based in Shanghai, China. Still, the level of commitment, time and resources the volunteers invested in that event is very hard to equate with what we encounter mostly here in the US.

In spite of all the constraints and work, events DO pay off. And not surprisingly the top fundraising events in the country are related to something we can all relate to: Health with curing cancer being the #1 cause that all of these events benefit.

I leave you with an infographic created by Rallybound with information from 2013.

Note that #1 event raised more than two times what event #2 did.

top fundraising events.001


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