Valentine’s Day

This is not a celebration that I personally enjoy.  It has been over 15 years since I have gone out on a “date” on Valentine’s Day.  I simply refuse to deal with exorbitant prices, mediocre food, pretentious service and crowds.

I prefer to celebrate this day with a special dinner with my family or hosting a fun evening with friends.

Here, a few tips and ideas on making this celebration a fun, classy, memorable (without breaking the bank) and of course red & pink.

(Images have been sourced from the web. Credit is given to the author where available)



Make breakfast special (and healthy) for the whole family.  Even though you know I LOVE color, I try to avoid artificial coloring when possible.




If you MUST remind your loved ones that is Valentine’s Day or simply want to send it a fun surprise, keep it healthy and simple.

Valentine’s Trail Mix!


This is what I am talking about!


From simple flower arrangements to dipped pretzels and sexy food & drinks (try a “Fraise Royale” or any of these fun cocktails  instead of plain champagne; you can make your thematic evening entertaining and delicious with a modest budget.

Who knew grilled cheese sandwiches and Caprese salad would look that good?


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