“La Posada” A New and Fun Project


I am now working on “La Posada” a fundraiser for the Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia. In its thirteen year, this event has evolved from a very traditional celebration to a great Holiday party for the Hispanic business community in Atlanta.

But what is “La Posada”?  It is a nine-day evening celebration with origins in Spain, that has been celebrated in Mexico, Guatemala and parts of the Southwestern United States for over 400 years in some areas.

People ask for “Posada” which means “lodging” using songs and chants.  The origin is Catholic but even Protestants celebrate this tradition.  The idea is that Mary & Joseph look for “Posada” when about to deliver baby Jesus visiting different houses until they are finally recognized and allowed to enter.   Once the “innkeepers” let them in, the group of guests celebrates and prays together.

At the end of each night’s journey, there will be Christmas carols (villancicos), children will break open star-shaped piñatas to obtain candy and fruit hidden inside, and there will be a feast.

What is interesting to me is, how do you include this very specific tradition in an event that is meant to also be inclusive to other religions and be a fun party for all?   Did I mention there is also an award ceremony in the program?

The target of the event is small and medium Hispanic businesses but it is also an opportunity for larger organizations to pledge their support to the business community and find partners in the businesses attending (i.e. distributors, etc).   The event intends to facilitate those businesses to celebrate and recognize their staff and sales team with a Holiday event at a fraction of the price at one of the best hotels in town.  It is a unique value proposition.  We expect 350-400 attendees.

It is a challenge but with the Planning Committee, we have come up with an idea to build-in “La Posada” tradition as part of the event but more like a culturally relevant piece of entertainment more than like part of the program.  Our Event Designer Alejandra Dunphy is creating centerpieces that are relevant to this idea and include visuals that are culturally accurate and at the same time well known to the larger English speaking community and fun.

We have partnered with “Instituto de Mexico” to make sure our interpretation of the tradition is accurate and they are supervising a folkloric ballet for the enactment.   We are also including some traditional instruments to join the singers.

The printed programs will include information on the tradition so we add an educational piece.   After the acting piece, we will have some awards and a Latin Band to begin the party.  We may even add a gigantic pinata!

Interested in attending the event?  Click HERE

La Posada Mood Board

La Posada Mood Board



Interested in attending the event?  Click HERE


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