Albatros Foundation Arrives to the US

Journey of Giants

Journey of Giants

The Albatros Media Foundation, a well known organization in Latin America focusing on promoting educational pieces fostering awareness of environmental causes and sustainable development has landed in the US and specifically here in Atlanta.

The Albatros Media Foundation has a longstanding commitment to collecting and presenting award winning photographic and television programming works in more than 600 television stations and universities throughout Latin America and is showcasing here, in our city,  sixteen photographs of humpback whales, taken during their yearly migration in the Americas  at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport starting on November 14th.

The exhibit is called “Journey of Giants, Whales in the City”,  and it compiles y

ears of work by photographers at the Foundation and it was chosen out of 250 submissions.

The exhibition began in Panama in 2012 and it will make a stop at every one of the 11 Latin American countries, which make up the Buenos Aires Group of the International Whaling Commission. Albatros Media Foundation hopes to inspire audiences to become agents of change and environmental awareness in the Americas.
If you are  intersted in sponsorship opportunities, please contact:  (Spanish) or call (+507)317 3450



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