Savvy Use of Space

Pretty Coffee @ Steady House Pour House

One of things that I greatly admire is a well planned and utilized space . With my background in hospitality, I am drawn not only to event locations and layouts but also restaurants and hotels.

One of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee in town used to be Steady Hand @ Emory Village. The coffee was fair trade (or direct trade) and masterfully brewed. The guys that did the work were awesome.

Steady Hand vacated their location a few weeks ago and while looking for a permanent location @ Decatur, they have partnered up with Iberian Pig to use their space in the mornings.

The dark but cozy bar @ Iberian Pig is the perfect setting for the barista and their specialty coffee and tea. The increased seating area has allowed them to explore the possibility of offering light fare for lunch without the extra-cost.  Also, in their new location, they can test the area and see if they are a good fit in the area.

For Iberian Pig, it not only represents an additional income, but also increased awareness for potential clients that may had never been inside their restaurant.

A win-win however you look at it.

Read more and enjoy beautiful pics @


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