5K Latino Walk – Stay Healthy



The Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia is organizing the first 5K Latino Walk in Georgia along Buford Highway on April 7th, 2013 (World Health Day)

The event’s objectives are simple and clear:

a) To raise awareness of a Hispanic/Latino population that is consistently growing and evolving in Georgia.

According to the GA Latino Health Report, release by HHCGA earlier this year and available to download for FREE here. the majority of the population is no longer predominantly working adult males living in non-family households,  over 60% of the population is not composed of young families.  Another eye-opening fact, is that 87% of all Latino children 18 and under are US citizens.

b) To raise awareness of the increased health risks the Latino population has in comparison to its white and black peers.  Specifically, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Research shows that Latino children in the state have significantly lower access to health insurance than their black and white peers and while they begin life with relatively good health, a number of indicators suggest that their health status declines by the time they start school.  Additionally, in the state almost 2/3 of Latinos lack access to health insurance and even those with insurance don’t have a medical home.  Adding to that, doctors often mention one of the top reasons why patients miss their appointments is lack of transportation.

c) To increase awareness of Buford Highway as the most dangerous road in Georgia and its impact in the lives of the population in the area.

Buford Highway is one of most diverse corridors in the country with over 1,000 immigrant owned businesses and home to over 50,000 families.  It is also a road that has 3X fatalities compared to any other road in the state.  25% of all fatalities are people trying to catch a bus to go to work, school, the doctor.

I invite you to join this event and walk for health, for safety.


For Sponsorship opportunities, contact my boss, Heidy Guzman







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