27 Club – Feathers and Birds

I have been working on the lobby installation for the latest performance by Gathering Wild.  “27 Revisited” is a visual arts show  based on the music of the icons from the 27 Club:  Jim Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain and now Amy Winehouse.

The performance will take place at Fabrefaction Theater on West Midtown (Atlanta) on Jan. 20th & 21st.

My job is to prepare the lobby with artwork (for sale) and other objects to prepare the audience for the main stage.

Thinking about what the 27 means I can’t help but relate to the story of Icarus…  Icarus was given some wings made of feathers and wax by his father Daedalus to escape Crete.  Icarus ignored the instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melted wax caused him to fall to his death (Greek Mythology)

I see the 27 Club as these fantastic beings full of talents but almost too good for this world.  They couldn’t deal with it, they felt caged and tried to escape. They screamed they needed help and then, they tried to touch the sun… In this case, my take is that they didn’t fall to their deaths but instead they flew away, higher and so they became the idols they are now.

We chose to do lots of feathers and use birds in birdcages, all in different situations, all different stories, all caged but ready to fly away.

Here some pictures of the cages I am working on.  They will all be displayed on Jan 20th at Fabrefaction Theater.

More on the performance and our thought process can be found in the following blog: http://the27project.blogspot.com/

Click here for tickets

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